Paris tres bon!

This post is about the importance of a break, a journey, and escape. The train journey itself is beautiful, all different passengers full of different expectations, their luggages carefully filling the train's never ending stomack.. 
Late spring in Paris is my favourite time, and for 3 1/2 days all we did was explored the layers of the city, read, went to cinema, lived from expresso and white wine ( and some nice food too, but it doesn't sound as dramatic) and stayed in an old parisian home, owned by French photographer.

Prata Vetra/Another Still life. Design and illustration.

I had the privilege to work with Latvian music industry jewels of the last 20 years Prata Vetra. They have just released their new album Another Still life, an album I art directed, illustrated and co-wrote the lyrics for!
With thanks to Asketic for all their mad design and graphic skills! 

Works from "Lunar Valley" Exhibition

Setting up "Lunar Valley" exhibition

This was so much fun! Setting up a show with one of my best friends and super talented Essy May, working together with Local Gallery's owner and photographer Matt Humphrey, with a lot of help from the living legend Stevie Gee and very amazingly musical Matt Tomkins. It also wouldn't have happened without Fantastic Mr Benjamin Kitchen,our little cubs, family and our friends and Jesus. You guys inspire me.